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 Our Knowledge PartnersEstablished in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada’s largest university, ranked 19th in the world and recognized as a global leader in research and teaching. U of T’s distinguished faculty, institutional record of groundbreaking scholarship and wealth of innovative academic opportunities continually attract outstanding students and academics from around the world.

University of Toronto, Canada, Ranked No. 1 University at Canada has partnered with FIP of MRIU to offer six week Residential Certificate Programme in Global Management Fundamentals equivalent to one trimester at their Mississauga Campus with more than 300 hours of academic content in the fields of International Business, Economics of Strategy, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Global Marketing, International Finance & Investment and Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior as part of BBA- Global programme. Students enrolled in BBA programmes in FIP and FBC are also being given opportunity to participate in this programme in summer vacations, if they so desire. A similar customized programme is also been prepared for B.Tech students to acquire domain knowledge and appropriate skills in Management

i carnegie logo Our Knowledge PartnersiCarnegie, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University. iCarnegie curriculums in computing, software engineering, security and information systems combine Carnegie Mellon’s strength in technology with market needs in areas of strategy, policy and business. Earning iCarnegie certifications demonstrates skill acquisition demanded by employers in today’s fast paced technical environment.

Carnegie Mellon University is a global research university with more than 11,000 students, 86,500 alumni, and 4,000 faculty and staff. Recognized for academic excellence, groundbreaking research and interdisciplinary collaboration, Carnegie Mellon consistently ranks among the world’s top universities in computer education

i-Carnegie, has partnered with Faculty of Engineering & Technology in MRIU to deliver state-of-the-art curricula and academic content of 500 hours supported by sophisticated LMS / online content developed by faculty of CMU and validated by top global IT and ITES employers leading to two international certifications namely Certificate in Programming and Certificate in System Software Development for B.Tech-Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology. Students enrolled in B.Tech-Electronics & Communication Engineering shall be delivered 250 hours of content leading to additional international certification namely Certificate in Programming. Students enrolled in all other B.Tech programmes shall be benefited with the delivery of 100 hours of content leading to additional international certification for completion of the programme. The delivery is made by the FET faculty duly trained by faculty of CMU, who also act as their mentors

kpmg Our Knowledge PartnersKPMG, a renowned Consulting MNC has partnered with FMS in MRIU to deliver highly advanced curricula and academic content consisting of 400 hours of Instructor Led Training (ILD) and 200 hours of LMS based study through their experts for the MBA students who chose Finance as one of the specialization. KPMG also provides 100% assistance for placement of all such students who undergo this training

niit Our Knowledge PartnersNIIT has partnered with FBC of MRIU to deliver 324 hours of modern employer centric curricula and academic content in collaboration with Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance with assured placement in reputed Indian Banks subject to satisfactory performance by BBA Banking students. The students shall be selected on the basis of good analytical/logical/ reasoning capability at the time of admission. Mid Term Appraisal shall be done at the end of 3rd semester to assess knowledge base and skill sets acquired and those found meeting the preset bench marks shall be given Letter of Intent in the beginning of the 4th semester for assured placement in specified Indian Banks. Others shall continue their normal study

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is located in Southern Finland and is a regional centre of expertise with over 5,000lahti Our Knowledge Partners students and approximately 250 full-time teaching staff. Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) is a large, multidisciplinary higher education institution. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at LUAS have been designed to respond to the demands and development needs of business and industry

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti, Finland, a renowned Technology based University in Europe has partnered with FET of MRIU to validate curricula of B.Tech-Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and provide a bridge course in MRIU campus for six to eight weeks for those students who intend to get Finland / Europe approved Bachelor Degree in Engineering by undergoing only one semester extensive training at Lahti Campus. Additional Degree shall be granted by considering credit transfers, earned by the students in MRIU in the B.Tech programme and shall facilitate their placement in Finland and Europe. Student Exchange Programmes are available for MBA students in FMS and B.Tech students in FET in the areas of emerging technologies at Lahti University and its Associate Universities in Finland. Joint Research Project between FET of MRIU and Lahti University has also been undertaken for Bio-Diesel Production from Algae.

Located in the National Capital Region and the beautiful Ottawa Valley with campuses in Ottawa, Perth and Pembroke, its programs effectively combine theory and practice. Its student focus and dedication to success have earned a #1 ranking in student satisfaction amongst Ontario’s large colleges.

Untitled 1 Our Knowledge PartnersAlgonquin College, Ottawa, Canada, 2nd largest Public Institution of Canada has partnered with FIP in MRIU to provide complete curriculum support for B.Sc. – Interior Design, Animation Film Design, Tool & Die Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology / Machine Design and Advertising leading to credit transfer to all such students who intend to migrate in the equivalent / relevant programme in their Ottawa Campus. All students enroll in these programme, in addition to B.Sc. degree given by MRIU also earned the relevant Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Programme by Algonquin College, Canada. Algonquin College also supports MRIU for student and faculty exchange, joint projects and research etc.

AIS St. Helens is a unique tertiary institution with a distinctive international focus. Established in 1990, it is approved byhellens Our Knowledge Partners New Zealand Qualifications Authority to offer the Diploma, Under Graduate and Post Graduate level programmes. It also has the largest MBA program in New Zealand.

Auckland Institute of Sciences (AIS), St. Helens, Auckland, New Zealand has partnered with FIP of MRIU to provide curriculum and accreditation support for BBA-Global-International Business and B.Sc. -Information Technology programmes leading to credit transfers of all such students who intend to migrate in AIS, New Zealand in 3rd year of their study. AIS  is also assisting FIP in attaining New Zealand Quality Assurance (NZQA) Accreditation for these programmes

bpo Our Knowledge PartnersBPO Certification Institute (BCI), a globally renowned Certification Agency in outsourcing has partnered with FBC in MRIU to establish first International Centre for Outsourcing in India leading to internationally accepted Certification Programme in Outsourcing for which training / content delivery shall be provided by NIIT to BCA students. These academic credentials shall help the students to acquire various skills in different domains of Outsourcing and get instant jobs in India and abroad

Curtin is Western Australia’s largest and most multi-cultural University. It has a strong commitment to international engagement with Australia’s third largest international student population. Curtin was established in 1966. It is ranked amongst the Top Universities in Australia.

Curtin University, Perth, Australia, a reputed Ranked No. 1 in Australia and amongst top 50 in the world has partnered download Our Knowledge Partnerswith FET of MRIU to validate academic curricula of B.Tech-Civil Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering programme and provide credit transfer to the students enrolled in FET in case they intend to migrate to Curtin University Campus at Perth in 3rd / 4th Year.

nbda Our Knowledge PartnersJBM Cadmium Pvt. Ltd., a Knowledge based Company of JBM Group has partnered with Faculty of  Engineering &Technology of MRIU to deliver global curricula and academic content in the field of New Product Development for B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Automobile Engineering students through internationally acclaimed Professors from the Netherlands in collaboration with NBDA and SIOO, two globally renowned jbm Our Knowledge Partnerstraining providers in Europe. NBDA is an international Organisation, with offices in The Netherlands and Singapore. NBDA is a partner of PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) the largest innovation network in the world. NBDA clients belong to the top in their business community and are in many cases market leaders. Sioo founded in 1958 by the Dutch sioo Our Knowledge Partnersuniversities, has served ever since as a bridge between academic organization studies, organizational practice and change processes. Sioo has developed into an ‘intellectual space and professional home’ for professionals who want to contribute to successful change processes and innovations in organizations, and want to develop in the fields of organization studies and change management. At Sioo, people with a wide range of talent from a diversity of backgrounds meet. They share the ambition to contribute to business development and innovation and share a dedication to the development of their professional competencies. JBM has also partnered with Faculty of Engineering & Technology in MRIU for delivery of Computer Aided Drafting and Design training to all B Tech students

Aspire Human Capital Management Pvt. Ltd., a venture capital Company at Gurgaon has partnered with all Faculties of aspire Our Knowledge PartnersMRIU to provide training in Communication Skills and Soft Skills including Team Building, Leadership, Business etiquettes, Positive Attitude and Aptitude. B.Tech students undergo four structured modules of about 100 hours ILT and LMS based self study in different domains assuring them success in campus placements

hero Our Knowledge PartnersHero Mindmine Institute, a part of the reputed Hero Group, is one of India’s finest institutions engaged in human capital training and development. A premier organization delivering high quality learning solutions to corporations, professionals and students, Hero Mindmine, has a host of prestigious clients among Indian blue-chip companies, multinational corporations, educational institutions including state universities, consulting services and the Government.

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